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1993 - 2013
Trained By:
Gregg Sanders

People can talk about their love for horses, but nothing can explain the feeling you get when a horse changes your life. Horses like WINALOTA CASH are few and far between. They are the reason we wake up, the reason we day dream, and the reason we have faith that our dreams and ambitions may come to pass! Winalota Cash turned an average man into a legend, who's name will forever be in the history books. I may not be a legend but because of him this average everyday girl is someone who isn't afraid to dream wildly and believe in everything!!!! It's because of horses like him that all of us believe that an average man can become a legend, and Because of horses like him they really can! - Tara Sanders



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We would like to THANK the following Companies
for being a huge part of our succes on the track and in the arena!

The WTP Bit isn't only our choice for RACING BITS it is our choice in the arena as well.
I Gotta Lead wins ATHENS by 3 tenths in the WTP "BARRE" BIT
(Video and Photos available)
This bit is a bust have for any performance horse, breathing problems or not.
no horse can get TOO much air and this bit works miracles!

Intelligent Ice saves us so much time everyday. We are able to pop these boots on and go.
 no more flling ice boots, no buying ice, and they stay cold twice as long as regular ice boots!
They are a MUST have in any performance barn!
They are the #1 product at BOTH Gregg Sanders Racing and Tara Thompson Performance Horses!

Animal Element is our GO TO company for all this Equine and HUMAN!
We have our horses on their Equine Detox, and they make us an Equine Immune Builder that is a must have!
They also make us a product that builds muscle and increases enegergy and stamina in race horses and barrel horses called
THE PRODUCT X and we highly recommend it for any horse that needs a boost, build up, pick me up!!!
We also buy our single ingredient supplements from them such as

Acetyl L-Carnitine
Raspberry Leaf Powder 




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